My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Why CONEC Mobile Money to pay JPS Co EBILL before Digicel Paymaster Mobile Money

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why CONEC Mobile Money to pay JPS Co EBILL before Digicel Paymaster Mobile Money

“Paymaster is pleased to have the reinstatement of cheque payments, as this is of great benefit and convenience to our customers, many of whom prefer using this medium for payment”

Vice President of Marketing, Sales, Client and Corporate Service, Natalie St Louis stated in a release from Paymaster regarding JPS Co

Looks like Prepaid money may be CONEC-ting with Jamaican a little earlier than expected. Sorry, but I love making bad pun jokes!

JPS Co (Jamaica Public Service Company) has restarted the relationship with the Bill payment company so that people can pay their bill via Paymaster as reported in the article “Paymaster resumes collection of cheques for JPS bill payment”, published Friday, December 18, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner

This can be clearly seen if you visit the JPS Co EBill section of JPS Co’s website and look their list of Bill payment processors.

This comes as a surprise to many but to me seems almost natural. JPS Co has an EBILL service as detailed in my MICO Wars blog entitled “JPS C re-launches EBILL Service with Gleaner Online as Mobile Money App a possibility”  that allows you to get your Electricity Bill via one of several channels:

1.      SMS (Short Message Service) Text
2.      Email
3.      Call Customer Care Centre at 1­888­225­5575 (Lime) or 1­888­935­5575 (Digicel)
4.      JPS EBILL Website
5.      Visit Parish Offices and speak to a customer service representative

This latest partnership suggests that in the future, Jamaican can pay their Electricity bill using a Mobile Money platform. After all, what's the point of receiving an EBILL if you cannot pay it?

Paymaster doing JPS Co Bills - Why CONEC Mobile Money to PAYG EBILL's before Digicel Mobile Money

How did I come to this crazy conclusion?

By virtue of the statement released by JPS Director of corporate communications. Winsome Callum, which based on the wording, hints at a Mobile Money solution coming in 2016, quote: “Convenience and quality customer service remain top of mind for us here at JPS. We continue to explore opportunities that increase the ease of doing business with our company, and that reflect our approach to providing a variety of solutions to our valued customers”.

So it’s set then!

With Paymaster now renewing the relationship with JPS Co, the option to pay your bill using CONEC Mobile, the Mobile Money service being offered by JCCUL (Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union) is possible.

This as before Digicel had purchase Paymaster, Paymaster was the Third-party Bill Payment Processor for JCCUL (Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League)'s CONEC Mobile Wallet since September 2014 as explained in my blog article entitled “JCUES now CONEC Mobile Wallet - Why CONEC Mobile Wallet still inconvenient despite Paymaster and Remittances in the JCCUL-Mozido Jamaica mix” is now possible in early2016!

But more interestingly, it also suggests that later in 2016, Jamaican can use Digicel's Mobile Money platform, once it launches, to pay their JPS Co bills. Paymaster is now a part of Digicel Jamaica’s Mobile Money plans as pointed out in my blog article entitled “Why Digicel's purchase of Paymaster means Mobile Money is launching in 2016 has apparently acquired their first major customer for Mobile Money payments”.

So JPS Co will finally close the loop, making it truly possible to pay your PAYG (Pay as You Go) Prepaid Meter Bills directly from your smartphone instead of that clunky interface that their now 800 plus users strong have to struggle with as noted in my blog article entitled “800 for JPS Co's Prepaid Power in 2 Months - How @myJPSonline PAYG spreading like Wild Fire among 2000 Guinea Pigs in the Summer of 2015”.

Suddenly, I'm no longer interested in Christmas; I can't wait for 2016 to come around to witness Mobile Money in action.....not to mention have an excuse to buy a smartphone and CONEC with a shopkeeper!

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