My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: OfCom say Wi-Fi messes Christmas Lights and Fiber Optic Lights reduce EMI and Electricity Bill

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

OfCom say Wi-Fi messes Christmas Lights and Fiber Optic Lights reduce EMI and Electricity Bill

Turns out that regular Christmas lights don't used use up a lot of electrical current, being as they are mostly mini incandescent bulbs.

They also may be interfering with the performance of your Wi-Fi signal this Christmas according to research done by Telecom Regulator OfCom as reported in the article “Want faster Wi-Fi? You may want to get rid of your Christmas lights”, published December 1, 2015 By Lulu Chang, DigitalTrends.

Their research points to the fact that interference with Wi-Fi signals is caused by electromagnetic Interference (EMI) generated by current running through the wires in your Christmas lights and other household appliances.

This creates electronic “noise” that interferes with the transmission of Digital Data over Wi-Fi their study claims in the article “Ofcom launches Wi-Fi checker”, published 01 December 2015, Ofcom.

You can check this by downloading OfCom’s handy Wi-Fi Checker app, which is available on the Apple iTunes Store as well as the Google Play Store as noted in the article “Ofcom’s mobile Wi-Fi checker will tell you about problems with your connection”, published 01-12-2015 by Ben Woods, TWN.

This video might help make things a bit clearer.

Of course almost every gadget in your home that has an electrical plug will create EMI. But this become more apparent during the Christmas season when we are more prone to string up Christmas lights all over out house, increasing the amount of wires that can generate an EMI and thus interfere with our Wi-Fi.

So what can the typical homeowner do about this?

OfCom say Christmas Lights interfere with Wi-Fi – Why Fiber Optic Lights Christmas reduce EMI and Electricity Bill

The solution I'm recommending? Fiber Optic Christmas lights.
One wire run in one location and the rest of the Christmas lights is really just a string of plastic fibers that carry the light from a pack of LED stored salary in one location to crystalline illuminators at the ends.  Thus it’s one short wire, hardly large enough to cause any EMI interference due to the low energy consumption of Fiber Optic Christmas lights.

Not only are they are reduced fire hazard, but they are also more energy efficient as noted in my blog article entitled my blog article entitled “Why Jamaicans Purchasing Fiber Optic Christmas Tree makes sense - Save on your Electricity Bill this Christmas”  as will be reflected on your energy bill come the Year of the Monkey 2016.

So don't be a chimp this Christmas is basically what Telecom Regulator OfCom is saying; be a champ and buy Fiber optic Christmas lights instead and save the Wi-Fi...and your Electricity Bill!!!  

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