My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How the DNA Evidence Act of 2010 passed by Upper House means DNA Searches coming

Friday, December 11, 2015

How the DNA Evidence Act of 2010 passed by Upper House means DNA Searches coming

My fellow Jamaicans, as my friend Aldayne Wisdom, a Physics Major at the MICO University College loves to state ever so often, we are royally screwed.

The Upper House has passed the DNA Evidence Act on Friday December 11th 3015 as reported in the article “Senate passes DNA Evidence Act”, published Friday, December 11, 2015, The Jamaica Observer.

First coming to light in June 2015 as reported in my blog article entitled “DNA Evidence Act 2015 tabled in Lower House - Why National DNA Registry is Minority Report for Anonymous Hacker”.  I was quick to point out the danger of this DNA Bill.

It was eventually passed by the Lower House or House of Representatives on Tuesday November 17th 2015 as reported in my blog article entitled “DNA Bill passed by House of Representatives - Why DNA Bill may be unauthorized Biometric Data Collection on Jamaicans”.

The DNA Evidence Act is now a part of an arsenal of Legislative tools created by the Ministry of National Security including the anti-lottery scam bill, the Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organization 2014) and my all time favourite the amended Cybercrime Act of 2010 as reported in my blog article entitled “GOJ amends the CyberCrime Act of 2010, enlists Ethical Hackers in a Cyber Emergency Response Team”. 

The DNA Evidence Act which with some twenty five (25) amendments making it legal for the police to stop, and demand a mouth swab to identify you.

But this present a problem for many persons like me living in volatile communities such as Swallowfield or even Nannyville.

DNA Evidence Act of 2010 passed by Upper house – Why Jamaican are royally screwed

 This information will be permanently archived in the National DNA Registry, even if you’re not convicted of a crime. If you are resisting a mandatory mouth swabs I suspect they may become mandatory for persons that the Police considers as high-risk criminals.

This will occur despite any safeguards and the awareness by the Jamaican Police that your Section 3 rights in the constitution that give you the “right to equitable and humane treatment by any public authority in the exercise of any function” are being trampled on.

In fact, if you resist might be arrested.....for resisting a DNA Examination or arrest.
Worse, the Jamaican Police, are already under pressure to solve Jamaica's growing Murder rate of 1,116, or roughly one (1) person murdered every seven (7) hours as of Monday November 23rd 2015.

According to Jamaica Constabulary Force's (JCF) weekly crime statistics as reported in the article “Every Seven Hours Someone Is Killed In Jamaica ... Police Claim Success In Clear-Up Rate”, published November 26 2015 by Glenroy Sinclair, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Jamaican Police may be tempted to plant DNA at the crime scene, making it hard for anyone so set up to escape. So this is a very dark day in the chapter of Jamaican and human rights violations as this is way too much power in the hands of the corrupt Jamaican Police!

My fellow Ghetto people, arm yourselves with your smart phones and set them to record with audio! You might need it as protection if a Jamaican Police Officer tries to set you up!

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