My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Google Glass prototype GG1 filing with FCC suggests smartphones replacement in 2016

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Google Glass prototype GG1 filing with FCC suggests smartphones replacement in 2016

For those doubting Thomas’s who want proof of the Resurrection of Google Glass, this one is for you.

Google has now made filings with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for Google Glass 2.0 as reported in the article “Google Glass 2.0 is real, and here are photos to prove it”, published December 28, 2015 by Jessica Dolcourt, CNET News.

A part of the FCC's job involves reviewing personal electronics like phones and wearables and then giving it their stamp of approval. Named as model GG1, it looks a lot like the original Google Glass Explorer Edition, with the screen floating above your right eye.

The submission includes internal photos, test setup photos and yes a manual as noted in “Google Glass 2.0 comes in a folding version”, published 29 Dec2015, by Ians, Economic Times.

The manual indicates that the new Google Glass 2.0 has a new Power button and sports a camera light that turns green when in operation. Taking pictures and recording videos involves pressing a button, with the green light coming on in each case, to quote the manual: “The camera button is located on top of the device near the display. Press the camera button to take a photo. Hold it down to record a video. The green light shows when the camera is on”.

So no more secret filming of people and being a “Glass-hole”, sure to make it more acceptable in public!

There is also a new set of charging pins that look like metallic chamfered pegs with circles on either side, suggesting that this may be some type of magnetic charging. According to the manual, on startup, you'll be greeted with the time, quote: “The plastic cube just above your right eye allows you to interact with the device. The Home Screen is your starting point. By default, the display shows you the current time”.

Google Glass 2.0 coming in 2016 - Replacement for smartphones and Gaming Consoles in 2016

Still, the dosing doesn’t look like an ordinary pair of glasses, drawing inspiration from frame maker Luxottica as I'd envisioned in my blog article entitled “Google Glass partners with Luxottica to design Google Glasses for 2015 Launch - Google Glass now on the Path to going Mainstream with US$199 Glasses”.

Also there is no mention of Wireless Charging or even the use of Hydrogen Fuel cells to give the Google Glass a longer battery life like those Apple has in the pipeline as reported in my blog article entitled “Apple files patent for Hydrogen Fuel cell – Why Portable Hydrogen Fuel Cells needed to cut the Analog Power Cord”.

Google might finally be making a push towards Enterprise users after all as I'd reported in July 2015 in my blog article entitled “Google Glass coming to Enterprise users - Personal PC beginnings to replace smartphones and Gaming Consoles in 2016”.

Whatever the case, they'll have to compete with Microsoft Hololens in the Augmented reality space along with other Virtual reality headset makers as reported in my blog article entitled “Rivalry between @Facebook and @HTC – @Google, @Microsoft, @Sony and @Samsung in VR as Video Game Console Savior and smartphones Extinction”.

Albeit Google Glass is a different product, in the customers mind it'll be hard to differentiate from other Virtual reality and Augmented Reality products on the market.

One such potential product is Amazon’s Smart Glasses as detailed in my blog article entitled “Amazon Smart Glasses Patent - Why 3D Portable Fuel Cell Power will compete against Microsoft, HTC, Oculus and Samsung”, while albeit a patent filing, may become a real product in 2016! 

2016 is the year of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality! Call me crazy, but I still believe that model GG1 aka Google Glass 2.0 will replace smartphones and Gaming Consoles in 2016.

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