My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How Digicel SMART Postpaid and Digicel Play will expand with 2016 launch of Mobile Money Platform

Monday, December 14, 2015

How Digicel SMART Postpaid and Digicel Play will expand with 2016 launch of Mobile Money Platform

Digicel was really pushing Postpaid in 2015 and if all pans out, more Jamaicans will be going Postpaid in 2016, the Year of the Monkey!

Since Monday May 18th 2015, Digicel has replaced all of their Digicel’s Postpaid plans with SMART Plans as described in their Postpaid plans section on the Digicel Group Website.

Again, just like when they’d launched their Digicel SMART plans back in 2013 as reported in my blog article entitled “How Digicel quietly launched Postpaid Smart & Value Plans should lead to 2-year Data and Voice Plans”, they did not advertise this!

Well, that's not totally true; they also made this video which they placed on their Digicel YouTube channel.

You can text 162 to 137 with existing postpaid customers dialing *162# for more details on the Digicel SMART Plans.

These Digicel SMART Plans replace the Select, Value, Anywhere, Smart 250 and Smart 750 plans and had been introduced back in 2013 as described in my blog article entitled “Why DigicelSmart and Value Postpaid Plans upgrade to Smart Postpaid Plans geared towards smartphones” are as follows:

1.      StartSmart
2.      GoSmart
3.      MoreSmart
4.      PremiumSmart
5.      EliteSmart
6.      MaxSmart Plan

So is there more to Digicel’s Postpaid Push than meets the eye?

Digicel’s SMART Postpaid Plans – How mobile money will make paying for Postpaid easier

It's still my belief, as it was then back in November 2013 that Digicel needs to make Postpaid plans geared towards smartphone users. These SMART Postpaid plans have the potential to introduce Jamaicans to the idea that postpaid is the best way to go.

If you're a working in a very good job you depend on you smartphone to conduct the majority of your business, there is a SMART Postpaid plan would be more editing than having to top up with Prepaid Credit all the time.

The SMART Plan bundles have the following features:

1.      Calls to anywhere
2.      Text message bundles to other Digicel mobiles (locally and across the Caribbean region)
3.      Data
4.      Free nights and weekends calling (only applicable to some plans)

With Digicel now purchasing Paymaster to launch a mobile money Platform as predicted in my blog article entitled “Why Digicel's purchase of Paymaster means Mobile Money is launching in 2016”, it'll soon be possible for anyone to pay you monthly Postpaid plans without having to use a Credit Card.

Mobile money is not just Digicel's way of tapping into the US$2 billion Remittances game. it may also be their way of getting the unbanked workers in Jamaica to be able to convenient pay for Postpaid services such as the Digicel SMART Plans.

It may also make Digicel Play, their FTTH (Fiber to the house) triple play service as described in my blog article entitled “Digicel Play launches FTTH Network - How FLOW Jamaica and Liberty Global Empire Will Strike Back”, payable via mobile money.

So expect Digicel SMART and Digicel Play subscriptions to explode in 2016 as soon as Digicel's Mobile money Platform rolls out to make paying for these services as easy as sending an IM (Instant Message) or taking a picture of a QR code!

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