My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Blackberry blogs positive reviews of Passport as Z3 sells out in India - Blackberry Passport may be their ticket on the Indian Express

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blackberry blogs positive reviews of Passport as Z3 sells out in India - Blackberry Passport may be their ticket on the Indian Express

“We've sold about 75 per cent of the stock that we got. The Z3 has done well so far, benefiting from the easy installment options and discounts”

Himanshu Chakrawarti, chief executive at The Mobile Store, commenting on the sales of the Blackberry Z3

Blackberry is on a recovery path, at least according to media assessment of the new Blackberry Passport as reported in “BlackBerry: Consumers are ‘clamoring’ for our new square smartphone”, published July 14, 2014 at 11:16 AM By Brad Reed, Boy Genius Report.

I personally think so too, as even their Blackberry Developer blog has been desperately seeking positive and gratifying news as per their latest post on the Blackberry Developers Blog. Some of that positive affection is coming from my personal blog article entitled “Blackberry Passport coming in September 2014 - Squaring up again the competition in Portrait and Landscape Mode”, Despite not being a fan of Blackberry, the fact that it does Android Apps js a plus in anyone’s book!

So it is true?

Well, the interest in the Blackberry Passport is indeed real; it’s a work phone after all, not a toy like Google Android and Apple iPhone. I just hope that this perk of not having to switch to landscape mode every time I’m doing a document comes with some native support in Blackberry 10.3 for some well known Productivity suites, such as Microsoft Office.

This shouldn’t be too hard, as Microsoft has already extended this courtesy to the Apple iPad back in March 2014 as stated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Microsoft to introduce Office to Apple iPad on Thursday March 27th 2014”.

Blackberry Z3 Selling in India – Prequel for the Success of Blackberry Passport

The reason for me being so upbeat?

Aside from the fact that Blackberry is finally facing reality and making smartphones, they’re also achieving success with another smartphone, the Blackberry Z3, which has sold out after only two weeks as stated in “BlackBerry Z3 almost sold out in India”, published Jul 14, 2014, 01.22  PM IST by Gulveen  Aulakh, ET Bureau, The Times of India.

This lines up with my prediction of Blackberry seeking a revival by appealing to as-yet untapped markets in India using the same strategy that Windows has been using with the Nokia X smartphone as stated in my blog article entitled “Blackberry to launch Phablet with Blackberry 10.3 by Fourth Quarter 2014 - Profitability in the Far East as Phablets, BBM 2.0 and Wearables are Trending in 2016”.

Pocket-handiness issues aside, based on the sales of the Blackberry Z3, which has a similar size lengthwise, it’s expected that come September 2014, the Blackberry Passport may be their ticket on the Indian Express! 

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