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Saturday, July 19, 2014

How Chocolate and Cocoa are healthier alternatives as No Caffeine High from Dark Chocolate

“The difference between a safe amount and a lethal dose of Caffeine in these powdered products is very small”

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) spokeswoman Jennifer Dooren speaking about powdered Caffeine after the death of an Ohio Teenager

Caffeine looks like a silent killer and sale of the raw powder on the Internet may soon be banned. This after an Eighteen-year-old male, Logan Stiner of LaGrange from Ohio, died Tuesday May 27th 2014 after consuming powdered Caffeine he’d  purchased over the Internet as reported in “Beware of powdered Caffeine, FDA warns”, published Friday, July 18, 2014 5:13 PM, The Jamaica Observer and “Teen's Death Puts Focus on Caffeine Powder Dangers”, published Jul 19, 2014, 3:31 PM ET By ANN SANNER Associated Press, ABC News.

Many Americans take Caffeine as a stimulant to basically keep them alert and awake during the day, especially in the US of A where many Americans are already overworked and are involved in highly demanding jobs. However, that form Caffeine is consumed in Coffee and Energy Drinks, which along with Caffeine may also contain Taurine.

Combined, this makes a deadly cocktail that may result in headaches, trembling and a Caffeine Withdrawal that's not dissimilar to withdrawal experienced after taking Amphetamines or even crack cocaine. That's the effect of drinking too much Coffee.

Caffeine is a dangerous, unregulated Chemical – FDA needs to regulate online Bulk Chemical Industry

However, pure Caffeine, an industrial chemical that’s regulated within the Food Industry, is sold unregulated over the Internet. Because of how it is marketed, most Americans aren't aware that pure Caffeine is dangerous, with a teaspoon being equivalent to drinking 25 cups of strong black Coffee. This isn't usually mentioned on the labelling for these over-the-Internet sales due to the low level of regulation.

That's a lethal dose that can't even be properly measured, as Caffeine is an anhydrous Crystal that is very hydrophilic i.e. large, well formed salt-like Crystals that stick to moist surfaces. Thus measuring it with conventional Teaspoon and Tablespoons found in the kitchen isn't accurate enough; you'll have to draw for an Analytical Balance, a scale used mainly on Chemical Laboratories while doing experiments.

Hopefully, in much the same way that the FDA is beginning to regulate the e-Cigarette Industry as stated in my blog article entitled “Boston University Study indicates E-Cigarettes can cause Lung Cancer - Carcinogenic Second Hand Vapour-Nicotine Aerosol as Marijuana E-Cigarettes Light up”, they'll also begin to regulate the online Bulk Chemical Industry.

Many of these chemicals are poisons and require basic expertise in Chemistry to handle. More interestingly, a lot of them can be used to make designer Drugs to be sold on the street or to enhance the flavor of e-Cigarettes, as some of the newer ones come with rechargeable Cartridges as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “Dutch company E-Njoint BV develops world’s first electronic Marijuana joint, the E-Njoint”.

How Chocolate and Cocoa are healthier alternatives – No Caffeine High from Dark Chocolate

In the meantime, why not try Chocolate and Cocoa? You can even take the raw Cocoa and make your own Glow-in-the-Dark Chocolate Syrup as explained in my blog article entitled “How to make Chocolate Syrup that Glows-in-the-Dark, the ultimate Ice Cream Party Treat”. You can use this use on everything from Pancakes to Ice Cream, even making Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Cream as explained in my blog article entitled “How to make Glow-In-The Dark Ice Cream from Scratch - US$25.95 Zoku Ice Cream Bowl makes Avatar The Last Airbender Frozen Novelties”.

You can even makes Chocolate Cakes and Cookies that  Glow-in-the-Dark, great for that next party where you want a Birthday Party that’s different from the rest as stated in my blog article entitledHow to make Glow-in-the-Dark Chocolate Cake - British Mathematician Francis Galton Cake Cutting technique makes Cakes last Longer”.

Far healthier and Better than Caffeine and it has remarkable Health Benefits, including lowering your cholesterol level and reducing your risk of Heart Disease. Just makes sure you consume the Dark Chocolate and not the Milk Chocolate, as the added Sugar and Milk make it as bad as Caffeine! 

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