My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S5 – 16 Megapixel Camera with Fingerprint Scanner and Fitness Tracker is Improved Fun Experience in a better Business Suit

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S5 – 16 Megapixel Camera with Fingerprint Scanner and Fitness Tracker is Improved Fun Experience in a better Business Suit

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is revolutionizing the way users interact with their mobile devices with the new and exciting Samsung Galaxy S5.  Imagine having all this technology at your fingertips. It thus becomes clear why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the phone of choice, offering a host of possibilities to its users

Those that have chosen the Samsung Galaxy S5 experience will definitely be getting best of both worlds in this smartphone that doubles as personal smartphone that wears a suit! It’s no surprise that Samsung Galaxy S5 users have caught on to this smart device since it’s unveiling. Its customer-driven response is marked by Samsung’s impeccable attention to detail.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Improved Fun Experience in a better Business Suit

Here’s what Samsung has package in this newest invention!  Rip-speed navigation to match today’s fast-paced user with:

1.      Improved battery life
2.      Powerful cameras
3.      Improved security

With dimensions of142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm, the Galaxy S5 is svelte and slim. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hands.  Modern, sophisticated and boasting one of the sleekest and freshest designs you’ll ever get your hands on, its Super AMOLED Full HD 5´1” screen is great for watching videos and apps in extraordinary quality.

Textured with tiny perforations, the phone’s back panel not only gives it that unique look that sets it apart from others but also makes for greater comfort in the user’s grip.  Choose from any of our four eye-catching colours:

1.      Black and white
2.      Blue
3.      Electric Gold

Despite these fancy accouterments, its IP67 certification means your Samsung Galaxy S5 will be safe from Water and Dust, making it virtually impervious to the elements.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 – 16 Megapixel Camera, Fingerprint Scanner, Kid and Emergency Modes

The unbeatable 16 Megapixel Camera with built-in auto-focus that snaps into shape in a mere 0.3 seconds makes the Samsung S5, hands down, the world’s fastest camera on a mobile device. But it doesn’t end there!  Selective Focus is an interesting feature of this powerful Camera; you keep the point of focus only in that part of the image that you want while blurring the rest. At no point do you leave the HDR mode integrated into the camera’s software that helps you improve the lighting in your treasured photos and videos.

Still, you’ve gotta keep your Business and Personal lives separate. Samsung understands. That’s why they’ve build a fingerprint scanner that doubles as your ID for unblocking your smartphone and making Mobile payments. After all, no one can steal your Biometric Identity and your fingerprint is as secure as it gets.

An even deeper side to its security is that it can easily slip into the Kids Mode that’s a sandbox for them to play. Samsung Galaxy S5 has adapted a kid-centric user interface the user interface loaded with entertaining and educational games. 

Parents need not worry about curious kids getting their hands on forbidden material; PIN number blocks them on the device as I’ve described in my blog article entitled “How to Lock down your Child’s Tablet or smartphone and Apps to Block, Protect and Notify you of your Child’s whereabouts Online - Defense Against the Dark Arts”.

And as if that’s not enough, Samsung Galaxy S5 Emergency Mode can help you if your being kidnapped. Should the unfortunate situation befall you and you feel in danger, at the push of button, it will transmit a help message to your emergency contacts structured as follows:

1.      One photo taken from the Front camera
2.      One photo taken from the Rear Camera
3.      5-second audio recording
4.      GPS location

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Fitness Tracker, Broadband Internet and Ultra Power Save Mode

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 comes fully loaded with features to help you stay at your fittest.  If health and wellness are your priorities, then you’re in good hands with the Samsung Galaxy S5’s enhanced 3.0 S Health Tool:

1.      Podometer
2.      Diet
3.      Exercise records
4.      Heart rate monitor

The Fitness Tracker helps you follow-up on your routine while you monitor and manage your every step to achieving your wellness goals. With tools like the 3.0 S Health Tool Samsung Galaxy S5 is sure to become your best ally as you get to your wellness goals.

And it’s fast on Wireless Broadband Internet too! It’s compatible with 5th generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi, 2x2 MIMO and a standard category 4 LTE.  MIMO lets you combine your Wi-Fi connections for faster data transfer. The most impressive feature is the built-in Download Booster technology which allows you to use 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, boosting Internet performance online. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S5 caters fully to the needs of the user with faster and more efficient connectivity.

Finally, the Ultra Power Save Mode give you 24 hours to live with visa conserving on Battery usage in your final 10% of life as explained in my blog article entitled “Samsung Galaxy S5’s Ultra Power Save Mode - Samsung gives you 24 Hours to Die Another Day as This is Not The End”.

It does this by deactivating less essential apps and just dealing with Calls and Text Messages. The Samsung Galaxy then puts on a Suite and Tie in a Black and White Affair on screen, reducing power consumption and resulting in an incredible additional 10 hours of Internet surfing and 12 hours of video playback!

With a long and proven history of innovation, Samsung delivers yet again to its customers, setting itself apart as leaders in technology. Like what you see here?

Then go to your nearest Telecom Provider Store, be Telecom Provider Digicel or Telecom Provider LIME and purchase a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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