My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Patria Kay-Aarons in Space – How the CVM TV Weather Girl can become Jamaica’s first Astronaut

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Patria Kay-Aarons in Space – How the CVM TV Weather Girl can become Jamaica’s first Astronaut

Is it possible for a small country such as Jamaica to go into Space as I’ve long hoped in my Geezam blog article entitled “Yuri Gagarin and Obama Space Privatization – How Jamaica Can Benefit”?

I’ve been asking myself this question ever since I’ve begun writing article on discoveries of Exoplanets such as Gliese 832 c orbiting a Red Dwarf Star Gliese 832 located 16.1 Light years located in the Constellation Grus as I’d chronicled in my blog article entitled “Dr. Robert Wittenmyer Team discovers Gliese 832 c – Supersize my Exoplanet Please with a Serving of Super-Venus”.

Most recently the groundbreaking discovery of direct evidence of Gravitational Waves by the BICEP2 (Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization) Team as reported in March 2014 as reported in “BICEP2 Team Admit Breakthrough Evidence For Big Bang Could Just Be Dust”, published June 23, 2014 by Justine Alford, I Fucking Love Science has made me ask the question.

Worse, aside from myself coming up with a design for a University based Telescope dubbed COITUS (Cloud Optical/Infrared Telescope University Telescope) as explained in my blog article entitled “ATLAST, James Webb Telescope and E-ELT - Bigger Space and Ground-based Telescopes for the Planet Hunters”, I’ve yet to see any innovation in the development, Design or even construction of Telescopes in Jamaica.

So I put the question out there.

Where is Jamaica in the Race to conquer Space? How come we’re not building any Telescopes, be they Optical Telescopes, Infrared, X-Ray or Gamma Ray Spectrophotometers, or Radio Telescopes?

Patria Kay-Aarons in Space – Weather Girl can become Jamaica’s first Astronaut

Especially from the Jamaica Meteorological Association and especially from such outspoken Members such as Patria Kay-Aarons, who is CVM TV’s Meteorologist and coincidentally CEO of Sweetie Confectionery, a Candy maker as explained in my blog article entitled “Sweetie Confectionery CEO Patria-Kaye Aarons to launch Jamaican Flavoured Candy - May the Force be with the Weather Presenter as it's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”!

This as building Telescopes should have been a project undertaken by the Meteorological Association of Jamaica to not only observe and report on the Sunrise and Sunset Cycles. Rather, Meteorologists should also be reporting on the procession of the Planets in our Solar System as well as report on News relating to Astronomy.

After all, that’s what the “Meteor” in their name implies, with the full name “Meteorologist” implying that reports of activity in Outer Space should also be a part of the Weather Broadcasting. The Technology behind how these things are designed isn’t rocket science. And we can build most of them, at a cost of course.

Patria Kay-Aarons is the perfect specimen, being in her late twenties and a perfect physical specimen. Most importantly, she’s a Meteorologist and thus most qualified to be place into Low-Earth Orbit. Selecting her is the easy part as if she makes it back home, she’d be made a National Hero and be given the Keys to the City of Kingston. Enough media exposure to kickstart her Sweetie company off the ground.

Now for the hard, Technical part! To build such a Space Vehicle would merely require the services of the following:

1.      CVM TV – Microwave and Satellite Uplink/Downlink Services
2.      Jamaica Defense Force – Ground Station Controller for Mission Control
3.      Tank-Weld – Building the Space Vehicle
4.      IGL Gas Limited – Providing Hydrogen/Helium Mixture and other gases for the Space Vehicle
5.      Grace Kennedy – Provide Vacuum-sealed Food

A Space Vehicle needed to go to the edge of Space in the Low Altitude Circular Orbit, roughly some 100 to 300 miles (161 to 483 km) on the outer Edge of the Earth’s Stratosphere as described in my blog article entitled “Google and O3B Network Limited partner on Satellite Broadband Project – How to set up a Satellite Broadband Network”. To achieve that height, a specially build vessel, cylindrical in shape and double hulled need to be built by Talk-Weld.

It would be hoisted aloft via a set of Stratospheric Helium Balloons filled with a mixture of Helium/Hydrogen Gas for better altitude control. This Stratospheric Balloon which would be large enough to hoist a person such as Patria Kay-Aarons aloft inside the Space Vessel, which would be roughly the same size as an Elevator Carriage.

Once aloft, Ground Station based Microwave Radio Link mounted atop CVM TV Antennas would be able to beam down live Video and Audio images from Space as the astronaut Patria Kay-Aarons reports on exactly what she sees while floating aloft. As the vehicle would be controlled via satellite uplink from the Ground Station manned by the JDF (Jamaica Defense Force) who’d provide Telemetry support, she’d basically just report what she sees.

Eventually the Stratospheric Balloon with Space Vehicle in tow would reach up into the Stratosphere, at which point they’d burst. Parachutes designed by the Jamaica Defense Force would be deployed via explosive charges and gently guide the craft safely back to earth.

The landing and flight would be controlled by them and they’d ensure that she’d land in a country friendly to Jamaica, preferably in the Caribbean. Just makes sure that Patria Kay-Aarons packs, along with the food from Grace Kennedy, a change of clothing as well as her Travel Documents.

So folks, any details I missed? You can leave your comments below. Thanks

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