My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Dr Roger Deane discovers Trinary Black Holes in SDSS J150243.1+111557 Galaxy - Gravitational Waves, Bicep2 Team Three Black Hole Double Galaxy Love Triangle

Monday, July 7, 2014

Dr Roger Deane discovers Trinary Black Holes in SDSS J150243.1+111557 Galaxy - Gravitational Waves, Bicep2 Team Three Black Hole Double Galaxy Love Triangle

“Either we got incredibly lucky and won the lottery, or they’re more common than previously anticipated.” 

Dr Roger Deane of the University of Cape Town commenting on the discovery of a Trinary Black Hole System in the SDSSJ150243.1+111557 Galaxy

If you think the Binary Black Hole in the Galaxy named SDSS J120136.02+300305.5 was awesome as described in my blog article entitled “Binary Black Holes and 48th Magnetar Westerlund 1-5 - Magnetic Personality in Space as Black Holes feed on Stars”, then you’ll be amazed by this next one: A Triple Black Hole System as reported in “Trio Of Monster Black Holes Discovered”, published June 26, 2014 by Stephen Luntz, I Fucking Love Science and “Black hole trio hope for gravity wave hunt”, published 26 JUN 2014, University of Oxford.

Here's Dr. Roger Dean of the University of Cape Town in an interview on ABC's Radio Program PM. Trust me, it’s worth the time to download and listen to or even Stream it if that’s your kinda thing!

Discovered by a team led by Dr Roger Deane of the University of Cape Town, the Galaxy SDSS
J150243.1+111557 is located some 4 to 5 billion light years away the discovery was published in the Journal Nature. Way back in 2011, it was thought to be a pair of very large Black Holes, named J1502P and J1502S, separated by a distance of 24,000 Light years, equivalent to the distance from our Sun to the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

However, a little deeper digging was done by Dr. Deane of the University of Cape Town using the 18 Telescope strong European Very Long Baseline Interferometry Network and the 305-m Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. He was able to discover via using this massive Earth-sized Telescope Network that in fact it was really three (3) Black Holes, with one Galactic sized pair of Black Holes separated by some 450 Light Years as stated “Astronomers Discover Rare Triple Supermassive Black Hole System”, published Jun 26, 2014 by

Black Holes Colliding - Three Black Hole in Two Galactic Centers in a Love Triangle

As the Binary Black Holes are themselves the result of a collision between two Galaxies that had Black Holes at their Center that merged into one, this is basically a mash-up of that Duet plus another Galaxy with a Black Holes at its center.

Most likely, Dr Deane spotted the Trifecta of Black holes in a manner similar to Dr. Fukun Liu, Astronomer at the Peking University discovery of a pair of Black Holes in the SDSS J120136.02+300305.5 Galaxy; Spiraling Plasma Jets. These Plasma Jets is created by the compression of Dust and Gas from nearby Nebulae and Stars drawn into the Black Hole.

This material is compressed by its super-massive Gravity tug and blasted outward as a superheated Plasma Jet, creating a light show seen for billions of Light years and burning brighter than all the stars in its host Galaxy.

Akin to Dr. Fukun Liu Binary Black holes discovered in the Galaxy SDSS J120136.02+300305.5, Dr. Dean's Galaxy Trinary Black Holes in SDSSJ150243.1+11155 gave off a Plasma Jet that was winking on and off in the X-Ray, Infrared and possibly the Visible Spectra. This suggests that the Plasma Jets was being blocked by a massive orbiting object, most likely a Pulsar or another Black Hole.

This Gravitational Tug of this object creates Gravitational Waves that distorted Space Time around the region of Space occupied by these Massive Galactic Dancers. Consequently, this causes the Plasma Jets shooting out of these Galaxies separated by 450 Light Years to become intertwined around each other, in much the same way pair of Twisted Pair Wires is arranged inside of an Ethernet Cable.

As these Triplets orbit each other, their Gravity twists the space just above the, resulting in a triple braided ribbon of super-heated Spiraling Plasma Jets that eject materials billions of Light Years away at extremely high velocity. Thus the reason for the fascination by Astronomers with Binary and Trinary Black holes becomes revealed; if they could be observed up close, they'd reveal the presence of Albert Einstein's long sought after Gravitational Waves.

Gravitational Waves and the Bicep2 Team – Haste Make Waste or the Early Bird Gets the Worm

This search for the evidence of Gravitational Waves is becoming increasingly important since the historic discovery of direct evidence of Gravitational Waves by the BICEP2 (Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization) Team as reported in March 2014 as reported in “BICEP2 Team Admit Breakthrough Evidence For Big Bang Could Just Be Dust”, published June 23, 2014 by Justine Alford, I Fucking Love Science. Gravitational Waves would be the ultimate Holy Grail that proved that the Big Bang Theory took a sip of Gravity right after inception, releasing waves that rippled through the Cosmos.

Unfortunately mere weeks later, it seems that the BICEP2 Team had gotten dust in their eyes as noted in “Scientists Detect Direct Evidence of Big Bang’s Gravitational Waves”, published March 17, 2014 by Stephen Luntz, I Fucking Love Science. So Evidence of Gravitational Waves existence in the first place is a step toward redeeming this faux paus announcement made by the BICEP2 Team, who are facing a possible retraction of their findings that were hastily announced but not as hastily published.

Now it is well known, at 450 Light Years, that's beyond what any of our Earth or even Space based Telescopes such as the Kepler Space Telescope can see, as was the case in spotting GU Psc b, a planet 115 Light Years away orbiting the Class M3 Star GU Psc in the Constellation Pisces as explained in my blog article entitled “University of Montreal directly images exoplanet GU Psc b using Infrared - 100 Light Year Barrier no longer an issue as Infrared Tun Up”.

Telescopes are being built to extend our range of vision, both Space-based and Earth-Based, such as ATLAST (Advanced Technologies Large Aperture Space Telescope), James Webb Telescope and the E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) as described in my blog article entitled “ATLAST, James Webb Telescope and E-ELT - Bigger Space and Ground-based Telescopes for the Planet Hunters”.

It’ll be interesting, with the evidence gathering and coming forward as it relates to Gravitational Waves and their possible existence at the beginning of the Universe, how this Drama with Bicep2 and their Discovery of Gravitational Waves just after the Big Bang occurred is indeed a valid scientific discovery.

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