My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to fight Illness including Chikungunya Virus using Spices - US$40 Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel helps you organize

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to fight Illness including Chikungunya Virus using Spices - US$40 Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel helps you organize

With the Chikungunya Virus looming large in Jamaica and the Ministry of Health sounding more confused by the minute as noted in “Health official says Jamaica prepared to deal with chikungunya outbreak”, published Friday, June 20, 2014, The Jamaica Observer what does one do to fight this disease?

Especially as it’s now confirmed that it’s in the island as I’d reported in my earlier blog article entitled “Chikungunya Virus now confirmed in Jamaica - Female Traveller From Florida via Puerto Rico and How to fight Chic-V”. Again the Dengue-like symptoms:

1.      Headache
2.      High fever
3.      Joint pain (like Jaundice or Rheumatic Fever)
4.      Muscle pain
5.      Rash (not very good, this one)

After all, there is no known cure and no-one in Jamaica has any natural immunity against the disease. Based on its symptoms, the Rash isn’t so bad and you can still hobble to work if your joints get swollen. A Few Panadols, Ibuprofen and Cetamols and you’re right as rain, ready to face the world, one painful movement at a time, something Cinnamon can alleviate sans the medication.

But children, especially little toddlers, are very vulnerable. You can’t keep spraying them with Citronella Oil everyday, otherwise they’re start to smell like a walking patch of Lemon Grass. The Rash isn’t going to be trending among students come September 2014 when school restarts. Don’t forget the Joint pains and the other Dengue-like Symptoms of Chic-V, the only thing that’s cute about this disease.

So since you’re a “tuff” old bird that weathered many infections, what do you do to make your child comfortable if and when they get the Chikungunya Virus after being bitten by an infected Aedes aegypti Mosquito?

Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel - How to fight Illness including Chikungunya Virus using Spices

This is where the Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel comes into play. A trinary rotating arrangement of 10 Spice Jars, eight (8) 3-ounce and two (2) 6.5 ounce as described in “Spin the (spice) bottle”, published July 22, 2014 9:42 AM PDT by Brian Krepshaw, CNET News, it’s the perfect way to organize your healing herbs as you battle illnesses, including the Chikungunya Virus.

Capped with Silicone Covers, the US$40 Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel helps you to keep track of your healing spices as you switch from being a caring parent to a part time apothecary as you mix spices to keep your child healthy. The below video will give you an idea of what spices are good for what illness:

The three-way rotating action makes it possible to access the larger two (2) 6.5 ounce at the back without you having to lift or reach around the back and spill your finely powdered concoctions.

Just remember, when extracting the Herbal Essence via seeping, always use either 100% pure alcohol or distilled Water in a Water Bath configuration as explained in my blog article entitled “Ras Puddler says Legalization of Marijuana benefits large Scale Growers - How Teenagers can Learn to Extract THC for personal Use to make Chocolate Cookie, Brownies and Sorrell Cake for Christmas”.

Herbal remedies work by simply boosting your immunity; they’re not antibiotics, but basically Pro-Biotics, part of a family of Alternative Medical Remedies that’s little understood but very cost effective once done properly. What makes it a science is not that it’s cost effective, but the preparation methods that involve extracting the essence of these Herbs and Spices and changes you need to make to your diet to get well.

As mentioned before, my simple cure consists of extract of the essence of Garlic, Ginger and Scotch Bonnett Pepper with a touch of the above spices in the picture. This’ll cure you and your loved one of Chikungunya Virus and its negative effects. 

Also, to accelerate the healing process, eliminate Junk Food, Soda, Sugar, anything that contains salt or sugar, anything that comes in a Tin Can and rehydrate with Distilled Water during the course of the illness and you’ll be right as rain in no time flat!

How ironic! Modern medication cannot fight this mysterious illness that’s not life threatening but will have you on your back and your kids scratching like crazy with a strange rash. And yet, right there in your Garden or easily purchased in the May Pen Supermarkets or in Coronation Market Downtown are the ingredients for you to pound with Mortar and Pestil to make a cure! 

A simple change to an organic, Vegan Diet during the course of the Chikungunya Virus infection may taste bad and very bland, but trust me, this’ll cure you all sorts of ailments, including the aforementioned infection!

So run out and get the Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel today!

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