My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Norse map indicates USA needs a Return of the Jedi as the Empire Strikes Back at Chinese Hackers

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Norse map indicates USA needs a Return of the Jedi as the Empire Strikes Back at Chinese Hackers

Yes, folks, the US of A is being hammered by the Chinese in terms of hacking attempts. At least according to the real-time Map of ongoing Hacking and Cybercrime Attempts as provided by the U.S.-based computer security firm Norse as stated in This Site Shows Who Is Hacking Whom Right Now — And The US Is Getting Hammered”, published JUN. 26, 2014, 12:34 PM, by JEREMY BENDER, Business Insider.

Norse is able to do this by enlisting the help of Servers around the world to install their Security software in their system as part of their Service package, which they refer to as a “honeypot” Network. This allows them to track and respond to attacks of various types in real-time, data which they’ve now chosen to make public on this map, according to the Smithsonian Magazine article The Net’s Dark Side: Watch People Try to Hack Each Other”, Live, published June 23, 2014 By Colin Schultz, The Smithsonian.

That’s what they mean by “honeypot” folks; it’s just a jargon that has its origins in the idea of catching flies [hackers] with sweet honey rather than with vinegar, plain and simple!

Truth be told, not everyone uses Norse Security package. Thus the map isn’t representative of all hacking attacks around the world, although at a cursory glance, most of the attacks are clearly being aimed at the US of A and seem to originate mainly for China, with the rest coming from within the US of A.

Apparently either Americans are hacking themselves or these are remote Botnets being coordinated remotely in a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Not surprising, considering that a 61% of the traffic on the Internet is already coming from Bot Programs based on the research work done by Security analyst Incapsula as stated in 61% of all Traffic on the Internet is generated by bots.

The Pentagon gets hammered 10 million times per day as declared in U.S. Military Goes on Cyber Offensive”, published Mar. 24, 2012 - 11:09AM  By ZACHARY FRYER-BIGGS, Defense News. Curiously, the State of Utah (where the Mormons aka Church of the Latter Day Saints call home, go figure!)  apparently getting the lion’s share of hacking attempts with a blistering 20 million hacking attempts per day as reported in State faces millions of cyber attacks per day, department head says”, published February 20th, 2013 @ 6:58pm By Shara Park and Dave Cawley, KSL.

No surprise there; many American Defense Contractors call Utah, Texas and California home and those computers and servers would thus be targets as they’re repositories of trade secrets and design schematic for many of American’s Weapon’s Systems!

As far as Hackers are concerned, the US of A is a Candy Shop of Secrets just waiting to be raided. Check out the Norse Real-time Map of ongoing Hacking and Cybercrime Attempts and if you watch long enough, you’ll see why China and the US of A are always accusing each other of Cyber-attack and Hacking.

WWIII already started and we didn’t know; it was on the Internet, with Hackers firing Rockets of code via Zombie computers and semi-autonomous BotNets!

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