My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Ad Network Chitika says Apple iPhone has most Web Traffic - Despite smaller screen Apples and Oranges makes Bittersweet Conclusions

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ad Network Chitika says Apple iPhone has most Web Traffic - Despite smaller screen Apples and Oranges makes Bittersweet Conclusions

Apple and Samsung are still experiencing declines in sales of their smartphones in the Second Quarter of 2014, a follow-on of the declines in the First Quarter of 2014 as noted by Strategy Analytics.

This even as Asian smartphone makers such as Huawei, Lenovo and LG Electronics see growth over those same Quarters based on the IDC Stats as presented in my blog article entitled “IDC Stats for Second Quarter of 2014 points to Asian Smartphone Rise – How cheaper smartphones are slowly killing BOTH Apple and Samsung marketshare”.

Different Analyst, same result, an indication that they’re tapping the same sources.

However, when it comes to Internet usage, Apple still rocks, topping the US of A in Mobile Web Traffic in the Month of July 2014, according to online Ad Network Chitika in the article “Apple tops Samsung in North American mobile Web Traffic”, published August 4, 2014 11:26 AM PDT by Lance Whitney, CNET News.

Web Traffic stats for Chitika – Apple most used for Web Surfing despite smaller screen

Their analysis was done over the period Tuesday July 1st 2014 to Monday July 28th 2014 and is based on Ad impression on their Network as noted in their publication“Q2 North American Mobile Update: Apple Users Drive Majority of Usage, Samsung Shows Greatest Growth”, published 4 August 2014, Chitika.

First the Web Traffic stats for Chitika for the USA in the Second Quarter of 2014:

1.      53% for Apple
2.      26.4% for Samsung
3.      4.8% for LG Electronics
4.      3.4% for Motorola
5.      3% for HTC
6.      1.4% for Nokia
7.      0.5% for Blackberry
8.      0.4% for HTC

Now let’s throw some light on the subject with a nice colorful graph.

Chitika Stats vs Opera Media Works stats – Apples and Orange makes Bittersweet Conclusions

When Ad Network Chitika Stats are compared to the statistics of Mobile Advertising Company Opera Media Works, you see a different picture. Opera Media Works stats indicated that Android got more Advertisers love and Samsung was king of the hill in Mobile Advertising in the First Quarter of 2014 as revealed per the analysis in my blog article entitled “Google Android Top Dog in Mobile Ad Marketshare in First Quarter of 2014 – Apple iOS STILL more efficient at Mobile Advertising powered by iTunes”.

Please note that this web Traffic is related to ad impressions on a single Mobile Ad Network based in the US of A for a month period. It’s NOT a reflection of the Global outlook, which is predominantly Android, that is, if you care to compare Apples and Oranges

So, accepting that we’re comparing Apples to Oranges, which is never a good comparison, but it’s the best can do here, one can come to some partial conclusions:

1.      Apple’s only king in the US of A in Terms of Web Traffic
2.      Google Android is King of Web Traffic Globally no matter what Brand of smartphone
3.      Samsung Galaxy is the top smartphone in terms of Web Traffic
4.      Since more Web Traffic roughly translates to more Ad Impressions, Global Advertisers would favour Android.
5.      Apple is more efficient in extracting revenue from its advertisers, as the majority of their ad impressions becomes sales

Size does matter and Android is bigger. They have a bigger screen smartphone, globally in terms of sales and they have more Advertising Globally, which can be roughly equated to Web Traffic. But even with that heft, they’re less efficient than the smaller 4” screen, more nimble Apple Phone and its complementary and its well kept Walled Garden that’s the Apple iTunes Store and their Advertising Network.

Just goes to show you size isn’t everything, despite Apples and Orange making Bittersweet Conclusions.

Stay tuned folks….the Apple iPhone 6 as I’d prophesied in my blog article entitled “WalMart Sale on Apple iPhone 5S and 5C - Apple iPhone 6 expected in September 2014 and is worth its weight in Gold and Sapphires” in coming on Tuesday September 9th 2014 decked out in Aluminum, Gold and sporting a Sapphire Screen.

Apple Fanboys….Start your Apple iPhone 6 Lines across America and the World if you Love the Cupertino Kids at 1 Infinity Loop Drive…..

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