My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Twitter rolls out Twitter Analytics - Free Twitter Analytics Impressions, Engagement and Engagement Rate will boost Advertisers and Brands on Twitter

Friday, August 29, 2014

Twitter rolls out Twitter Analytics - Free Twitter Analytics Impressions, Engagement and Engagement Rate will boost Advertisers and Brands on Twitter

Twitter has gone and done it!

This service that I’ve dubbed Twitter Analytics was previously reserved for Verified users and Advertisers. Dear reader, it is now open to the public as announced in “Twitter Unveils A New Time-Waster: Tracking Your Popularity”, published AUG 27, 2014 SELENA LARSON, ReadWrite.

With this Twitter Analytics  tool, you can scan through your entire catalog of tweets and see how many people actually read your tweets. For a Twitter junkie like me that uses Twitter along with Facebook to track Technology news as I’ve explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “Pew Research posits 3 in 10 get their News via Facebook as Paper set to go live”. Here’s a picture of my Twitter Analytics results as it relates to my Impression, Engagement and Engagement Rate as of Friday August 29th 2014.

So it’s nice to finally have access to a free Twitter Analytics tool that’ll give me an idea of what makes a tweet really chirp, if that’s the correct term to described it.

Twitter Analytics – Impressions, Engagement and Engagement Rate at your Fingertips

The Twitter Analytics tool gives you an idea of impressions i.e. number of clicks on your tweet, the level of engagement i.e. Retweets and favourites each Tweet your posted got, so you can see what exactly you posted that they’re following. The third metric, the Engagement Rate, is really a percentage ratio of the engagement to the impressions i.e. how many people who saw on your tweet actually Retweeted and favourited your post.

It’s far faster that Facebook, which seems to encourage you to make “Friends” who may not even read your posts. With Twitter, unless the person chooses to block or mute you as explained in my blog article entitledHow to mute someone on Twitter - To Block or to Mute for Silence of the Lambs as The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Once they’re following you, they see your every tweet.

But the true measure of engagement is if after they favourite and Retweet what you post, they also open up and read your post, a metric referred to in the Twitter Analytics tool as the Engagement rate. That’s where this tool gets interesting for me, as would guide my creation and usage of hashtags for my blog posts, now that Twitter is a lot more like Facebook

Too bad you can’t sort your tweets by Impressions or Engagement rate; you’ll have to manually sort through ALL of your tweets, a chore only a forensics analyst would enjoy.

Twitter under Pressure – Free Twitter Analytics will boost Advertisers and Brands on Twitter

One of the things I love about Twitter is how incredibly fast it is to build up a following even as Twitter moves to become more like Facebook. If you’re a regular Facebook user like myself, you’d have noticed the similarities not that their recent facelift in April 2014 has taken hold as explained in my blog article entitledHow to Download Twitter user Pictures as Twitter makes Facebook Timeline changes”.

I suspect that now that they’re under pressure to make money now that they’re listed on Wall Street. Explains their acquisition of Madbits to power their image Search capabilities as reported in my blog article entitledTwitter buys Madbits – How Torch7 powered Artificial Vision will make Twitter more like Facebook”.

They’ve also begun to dabble in one-click Sales with a “Buy” Button as detailed in my blog article entitledTwitter’s one-click Buy Button – How One-Click E-Commerce is Twitter’s Great Smurfberry Scam Confessions of a Shopaholic”, albeit this will bring them more ruin than profit, as care must be taken to avoid Smurfberry style Credit Card abuse.

So this release of the Twitter Analytics tool is really their way to get more Advertisers and Brands to use Twitter. By giving away the Twitter Analytics tool for free, they realize how easily they can track their Social Media campaign WITHOUT having to become a Verified user or register as an Advertiser.

Very obvious when you consider the fact that while in Twitter Analytics, placing an Ad in Twitter is only a click (or is that tweet?) away!

To Marketing folks, is SMM (Social Media Marketing) on a real shoestring as I’d predicted in my Geezam blog article entitled “Social Media Marketing – Advertising and Marketing in Ja on a Shoe-String”.

And that’s how I like it! Check out the Twitter Analytics  tool today!

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