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Thursday, August 7, 2014

How to make Baked Cheese Irish Potato Crisps – The Ghostwriter From Swallowfield to Milk River

The Summer of 2014 is slowly coming to a close.

Thus far, it’s been a blast, despite the frequent water shortages and the lack of Rain in Rest, Milk River, Clarendon where I’m staying with my parents as explained previously in my blog article entitled “How to make Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes - My Chocolate Summer in Milk River as I'm dreaming of Swallowfield”.

For those of you who are confused, here’s a Map of Rest, more commonly called Rest Square by the folk, Milk River in Clarendon. If you look carefully, you just might make out my parent’s house with the blue roof in the three way junction and my car on the Google Maps satellite map!

I’ve had to adjust to the fact that in Rest, Milk River where I live, piped Water isn’t a regular affair 24 hours of the day. I’ve had to make sure to catch as much of the commodity as possible. Water is life; it’s also how you keep yourself in a state of well-being and avoid dehydration as explained in my blog article entitled “How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - Drink Bottled Water as Dehydration and Salty Foods makes you lose concentration”, a situation which I’ve been doing my best to avoid.

Then there is also the issue of Internet access; in Swallowfield, the community just across from the National Stadium and the Stadium Gardens community on the opposite side of Marescaux Road, EVERYONE has Digicel Broadband, LIME ADSL or FLOW Internet. Here’s a Map of Swallowfield, showing where I live at 34 ½ Swallowfield Road on the Google Maps satellite map.

There’s even free Wi-Fi in the community and as far as Mountain View, if you care to get shot in Nannyville of course! So much so, that I’ve even begun showing persons how to access other persons’ Wi-Fi Networks and conversely how to prevent unwanted access as explained in my blog article entitled “How to Secure your Wi-Fi Router – Who’s on My Wi-Fi is a good Software that asks a simple Question”.

From Swallowfield to Milk River – Working as a Ghostwriter is finally paying off

What’s kept me going and occupied is writing articles for my personal blog My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica as well as my work writing articles as an Associate Editor for the Geezam blog.

My past work experience as a RF Technician at CLARO (2008 to 2009) and previously as a Network Maintenance Technician at C&W no called LIME Jamaica (2001 to 2003) also helps, especially when persons can see my Engineering Resume and Diploma and Degree qualifications which they can easily peruse.

I now work as a Ghostwriter doing articles and research for various companies, with payment being sent directly to my bank account. It’s not big money, but that’s to my association with Geezam blog and the heavy traffic now coming to My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica, I’m slowly getting recognition for my work. Four years of blogging and writing for the Geezam blog is finally paying off!

Best of all, because I have my own Laptop, I can work anywhere where there is an Internet Connection. That was the other challenge which I faced but eventually solved when I discovered that Milk River does indeed have WiMax Internet from Private Provider that’s powered by Triple Play Provider FLOW as explained in my blog article entitled “FLOW rolls out Hosted PBX - How 100 MBs FLOW Ultra can power a Private WiMaX Community Network”.

How to make Baked Cheese Irish Potato Crisps – Healthy Chocolate diversion Summer Recipe

So you might think I’m just down on the South Coast of Clarendon eating Chocolate all day. Not quite, but I do eat an awful lot of toasted Bread, which is a simple matter of using a non-stick pot to heat the Bread in very hot Cooking Oil. Taste just as nice and as long as you swirl the Bread around in the superheated Cooking Oil, the Bread still always come out golden brown.

Best of all, it’s Cooking Oil, the liquid form of Butter that you’d normally spread on the Bread AFTER it’s been toasted. When the Bread cools, the Butter becomes solid, which isn’t good for your arteries. Cooking Oil has the exact same taste and browns the Bread in the exact same way, with the added benefits of being healthy. Just makes sure is VERY hot before you put the Bread in. Not to mention no need to pull out the Toaster JUST to toast two slices of Bread!

So what else have I made?

I’ve also made Cream Crackers Biscuits similar to the ones made by National Bakery. By experimenting with Flour and Water, I’ve managed to get the recipe just right. They look just like the ones being held by Emprezz Golding in the photograph below, which amusingly is probably the best endorsement for their product to date.

I’d tried it out back when I was in Swallowfield and it works perfectly. But I’m still craving Chocolate, which I’ll be doing a lot of once I returned back to Swallowfield come September 2014.

To this end, I’ve begun experimenting with Baking Potatoes and Chocolate Syrup I’ve made as detailed in my blog article entitled “How to make Chocolate Syrup that Glows-in-the-Dark, the ultimate Ice Cream Party Treat”. I’ve come up with a great recipe that’s sure to be a hit, as the result, believe it or not, actually taste a lot like pizza with Chocolate and a hint of Wine Flavour.

I call it Baked Cheese Irish Potato Crisps and it’s guaranteed to be a hit with Potato chip lovers and party goers as a side dish to a Glow-In-The-Dark Chocolate Cake as described in my blog article entitledHow to make Glow-in-the-Dark Chocolate Cake - British Mathematician Francis Galton Cake Cutting technique makes Cakes last Longer”.

First, you’ll need a few ingredients:

1.      Aluminum foil
2.      Baking Pan
3.      Blue Roquefort Cheese
4.      Boiling Pan
5.      Cheddar Cheese
6.      Cutting Board
7.      Dill, Escallion and Scotch Bonnet Pepper
8.      Grater
9.      Irish Potatoes
10.  Italian Dressing
11.  Knife
12.  Kraft Russian Dressing
13.  Oven Mittens
14.  Parmesan String Cheese
15.  Red Label Wine or any other Wine
16.  Chocolate Syrup
17.  Spray bottle filled with Red Label Wine or any other Wine
18.  Stove with Oven (like Duh!)

The instructions are drop dead simple and will only take about 45 minutes depending on the number and the size of your Irish Potatoes:

1.      Wash the Irish Potatoes thoroughly, removing all dirt. You may also peel them, though that’s not required
2.      Set the Boiling Pan on the stove with water to boil
3.      Add Salt to the Water
4.      Boil the Irish Potatoes in water until soft and pokeable with a fork
5.      Remove the Irish Potatoes from the boiling water when done and let them cool
6.      Place the Irish Potatoes on an Aluminum Foil covering the bottom of the Baking Pan
7.      Using a sharp knife, Julienne the Irish Potatoes so that slices at less than ¼ inch thick
8.      Place wedges of Cheddar Cheese also ¼ inch thick in-between the Julienned slices of Irish Potatoes
9.      Place the Irish Potatoes into the oven at 200 to 220ºC (400 to 425ºF) for about 40 to 45 minutes
10.  Check periodically to make sure they haven’t dried out
11.  After the Irish Potatoes are baked, take them out of the Oven using the Oven Mittens
12.  Place them in plates Ready to Serve
13.  Immediately Pour the Chocolate syrup all over the still-hot baked Irish Potatoes
14.  Using the Grater, grater some Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan String Cheese and Blue Roquefort Cheese unto the still-hot baked Irish Potatoes
15.  Spritz the Irish Potatoes with the Spray bottle filled with Red Label Wine or any other Wine
16.  Place in plates with the Baked Cheese Irish Potato Crisps into the Microwave
17.  Reheat the Baked Cheese Irish Potato Crisps for five minutes
18.  Garnish with Russian Dressing and also Dill, Escallion and Scotch Bonnet Pepper

That’s it dear reader! This recipe can be served as a main dish along with Wine, albeit I’m not sure what wines you prefer. Good to drink up as Wines are slowly going extinct thanks to over consumption of Wine by Americans and Chinese who are now acquiring a taste for vinery as noted in my blog article entitled “Australian analyst Morgan Stanley Stats say World Faces Global Wine Shortage - The Glass is either Half Empty of Half full as Chinese and Americans become more like the French”.

I’m more of a Merlot or Rose kinda person. This recipe is great for when friends come over and goes well with Glow-In-The-Dark Chocolate Ice Cream as described in my blog article entitled “How to make Glow-In-The Dark Ice Cream from Scratch - US$25.95 Zoku Ice Cream Bowl makes Avatar The Last Airbender Frozen Novelties”.

I definately aim to try it out once back in Swallowfield when I get access to the Stove and it’s Oven. Until then, try out the recipe and tell me what you think!

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