My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: UWI reports Staffer with Chikungunya Virus - Ground Zero for Islandwide Infection as it'll spread wild once Small Island Students Return

Friday, August 15, 2014

UWI reports Staffer with Chikungunya Virus - Ground Zero for Islandwide Infection as it'll spread wild once Small Island Students Return

If you’re reading this and you’re at UWI (University of the West Indies), then chances are you’ve probably heard that one of your classmates has the Chikungunya Virus as reported on Wednesday August 13th 2014 in the article “UWI reports chikungunya case on Mona campus”, published Wednesday, August 13, 2014, The Jamaica Observer and “Chikungunya shows up at UWI”, published Wednesday August 13, 2014 by Chad Bryan, Gleaner Writer, The Jamaica Gleaner.

So far the UWI Administration isn’t responding to calls from the Jamaica Observer or the Jamaica Gleaner to confirm whether or not the person is one of the two (2) persons who received the Virus via Local Transmission I.e. got bitten by an Aedes aegypti Mosquito that’s acting a vector for the Chikungunya Virus. UWI also began Malathion Spraying or Fogging as it’s colloquially called on Tuesday August 12th 2014, going as far as 500 meter outside of the UWI Campus.

Based on the evidence presented in these articles as well as intel from my sources in the Call Center as well as at UWI Campus, it appears that UWI has a serious vector control problem as they’re gearing up for Local Spread of the Chikungunya Virus on the campus.

In essence this person is a third local Infection from the Chikungunya Virus. And it’s set to spread come September 2014 when UWI re-opens for Classes.

And according to Clinical Director of Health Services at the UWI, Dr Blossom Anglin-Brown, this person is the wife of a Staff Member. Based on my UWI Sources, she's a lecturer at the UWI. Still trying to get intel on which faculty and exactly who's wife.

This is certainly turning into a wild Goose Chase, but my Sources keep me well informed, so I'm still in the loop.

Identity of the Second Local Infection – Trinidadian Brings us Chikungunya Virus

My Call Center Sources have never let me down and yesterday on Thursday August 14th 2014, I struck pay dirt!

Based on my sources in the Call Center World again, they’re finally confirmed to me, in Code, the identity of the second person that was confirmed on Monday July 28th 2014 as having contracted the Chikungunya Virus as I’d reported in my blog article entitled “Ministry of Health confirms four persons with Chikungunya Virus – Chic-V Just Turn Up in the Hurricane Season as Ebola Virus is coming”.

According to that Call Center Source, she was indeed a UWI Student, as she’d touched based with their Call Center seeking information on the location of a pharmacy in the Kingston Area.

In fact, according to my Call Center Sources, the person is a female from Trinidad and Tobago, having gone home to see her parents but returning to do a summer Program Course.

So I contacted my UWI sources on Social Media.

According to them, she possibly resides on a Hall of Residence or has a boyfriend on the Hall, her reason for returning to Jamaica. Again, for security reasons, I can’t divulge the name of the person, save to say that contrary to what the Jamaica Observer or the Jamaica Gleaner are guessing, she’s not an example of a local Spread; she came from her home country with the disease.

UWI Fogging perimeter - Chikungunya Virus will spread wild once Small Island Students return

So with that cleared up for the second case confirmed on Monday July 28th 2014, it looks like this new person makes it number three (3) in the Local infections List. Or is she?

Not sure if UWI’s telling the truth about her being a UWI lecturer, as a quick glance the UWI (University of the West Indies) hasn’t revealed any names that immediately pop out at me.

I’m thinking that Clinical Director of Health Services at the UWI, Dr Blossom Anglin-Brown isn’t telling the truth, possibly to conceal the fact that there may be a rampant local spread occurring on campus with many Summer Students and Staff reporting Dengue like symptoms. Rather, it may indeed be another UWI student that got the Chikungunya Virus.

I come to this conclusion because of the way the UWI and the Ministry of Health are responding.
First, Director of emergency, disaster management and special services at the Ministry of Health, Dr Marion Bullock DuCasse, despite UWI confirming that there is indeed a person infected with the Chikungunya Virus, she's categorically denying it, sticking to her story that there are only four persons, two imported and two local, quote: “This is a preliminary result as we have not yet received the results regarding this particular sample from our confirmatory lab, which is the Caribbean Public Health Agency. At this time, therefore, this is not considered a confirmed case.
The numbers remain the same until further advised: four confirmed cases in total - two imported and two as a result of local transmissions”.

Dr Blossom Anglin-Brown claims the person received treatment and is recovering, suggesting that she'd been ill for more than two weeks, possibly as far back as the very first reported case on Friday, July 18, 2014 as stated in my blog article entitled “Chikungunya Virus now confirmed in Jamaica - Female Traveller From Florida via Puerto Rico and How to fight Chic-V”.

Is it possible therefore that this “third persons” is indeed the very first person that was infected on Friday, July 18th 2014 as reported in my blog article above, the one my Call Center Sources said travelled from Florida through Puerto Rico and resides in Portmore. If she's married to a UWI Staff member and she’s a lecturer based on my UWI sources, she might be a postgraduate student doing an MPhil or PhD program who teaches part-time.

It would explain in part why UWI Guild President Lerone Laing plans to alert Students via Social Media about the Chikungunya Virus and its symptoms, quote: “We plan to use our social-media accounts … to educate the university students who are coming in next week, and the new students, especially, about the virus and the preventative measures that we could possibly take”.

Third Case of Chikungunya Virus – Possibly Post Doctoral Student from a Caribbean island

Thus some basic conclusions can be drawn here.

She’s a Post Doctoral Student and has travelled within the Caribbean possibly going home. She has a UWI staff member as her husband living in Portmore, as she may actually be the very first imported case confirmed back on Friday, July 18th 2014.

If she’s involved in Hall life as a Hall Director or involved in Hall activities on a particular hall, it would explain the need for the UWI Guild President Lerone Laing to spread information on symptoms of Chikungunya Virus via Social Media, which only Millennials (ages 18 to 28) take seriously.

What makes me believe that this is real is that the UWI scheduled on Tuesday August 12th 2014 Malathion Fogging of not only the Campus but 500 meters outside of the UWI Campus, suggesting that they’re fearing local spread from the Student population to the August Town and Papine Community.

Which is just as well, as it’ll give me a chance to try out my experimental cure for the Chikungunya Virus as detailed in my blog article entitled “How to fight Illness including Chikungunya Virus using Spices - US$40 Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel helps you organize”.  

The Ministry of Health has confirmed on Thursday, August 14th 2014 an additional four (4) persons who have been locally infected with the Chikungunya Virus via Mosquito bites as reported in the article “Chikungunya cases reach eight”, published Thursday, August 14, 2014, The Jamaica Observer.

That brings the total up to eight (8) i.e. six (6) local transmission and two (2) imported.

It's set to get worse as with Haitian now coming to Jamaica via boat, possibly carrying the Chikungunya Virus, come Monday September 1st 2014, the returning students from the rest of the Caribbean may be carrying Chikungunya Virus.

It’s not a gift-wrapped present; it will be in their blood as a present for the Jamaicans residing on the various Halls of Residence at the UWI Campus to receive via the bite of an Aedes aegypti Mosquito that will rapidly spread on the UWI Campus.

This makes the UWI Mona Campus Ground Zero for Chikungunya Virus that's start in Kingston and spread rapidly to the rest of Jamaica.

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