My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: HP and Google partner on Google Now – How Galaxy Alpha's Metallic Charms woo Corporate and Enterprise marriage made in Fragmented Heaven

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

HP and Google partner on Google Now – How Galaxy Alpha's Metallic Charms woo Corporate and Enterprise marriage made in Fragmented Heaven

Apple and IBM (International Business Machines) had forged a partnership to leverage IBM Cloud Computing power over their popular Apple iPhone Platform.

Now HP (Hewlett Packard), who apparently had in negotiations with Apple, feeling spurned that their “Executive Siri” idea got toasted, have decided to partner with Google. Their plan apparently is meld Google Now, the Google Android Voice Assistant, into a Search Service that can query HP’s Cloud Server Platform for Corporate and Enterprise information as stated in the article “Google said to be deepening enterprise roots with HP”, published August 13, 2014 2:40 PM PDT by Richard Nieva, CNET News.

It now means that BOTH Apple and Google are now realizing the truth; there is an untapped market in Corporate and Enterprise customers that Blackberry left behind. This as I’d determined via my analysis that showed that Developers need to target not just Video Game Apps but also make Apps for Corporate and Enterprise, especially Cloud-based Applications as explained in my blog article entitled “Vision Mobile’s 10,000 Developer Global Study – Why Developers prefer developing for Android and Apple iOS yet Enterprise makes Steady Money”.

But like the plan that Facebook and now Twitter have for launching a “Buy” Button on their Social Media pages as explained in my blog article entitled “Twitter’s one-click Buy Button – How One-Click E-Commerce is Twitter’s Great Smurfberry Scam Confessions of a Shopaholic”, I smell a smurfberry scandal that has a flavor more like KitKat or Jellybean, whatever you’re into.

HP and Google – Corporate and Enterprise marriage made in Fragmented Heaven

Apparently, this half-baked idea is probably because IBM MobileFirst for iOS is now up and running, with Apple having snagged Ford Motors as a customer, swapping out their Blackberries for Apple iPhones as noted in “Ford Plans To Replace BlackBerries With iPhones Beginning This Year”, published July 29, 2014 by Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch.

I say half-baked as Google Android is still heavily fragmented as an OS, with various smartphones still running older versions of Android, based on Android Developer Dashboard Stats as stated in the article “Android 4.4 KitKat bites off 13% of Android devices”, published June 5, 2014 5:31 AM PDT by Lance Whitney, CNET News.

Thanks to their own popularity Google Android smartphones are the dominant OS Globally as noted in my blog article entitledIDC Stats for Second Quarter of 2014 points to Asian Smartphone Rise – How cheaper smartphones are slowly killing BOTH Apple and Samsung marketshare”. That means their Fragmentation is just in the US of A, but globally.

For this to work, Google needs to also partner with a reputable smartphone maker and require their potential clients switch over their smartphones to this new device, just as Apple is doing with Ford Motors. This as HP, despite having Corporate and Enterprise connections, has a notoriously fickle Executive Management style that might make many wary of any smartphone offer.

This as they skipped out on the Tablet and smartphone business back in Sunday August 21st 2011 as I’d reported in my Geezam blog article entitled “WebOS powered HP TouchPad for US$99 – HP exits PC business in Apple’s Post-PC era

This only to return two years later in October 2013 with the HP Chromebook 11, basically placing their bets on the rising popularity and ease of manufacture of Google Chrome OS as explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “US$279 HP Chromebook 11 is a great Christmas present for Millennials”.

Therein layeth the problem! Google’s partner, though well intentioned, is taciturn, having a habit to ditch what they’re doing if things aren’t going their way! They need a Third partner…. A mobile handset maker partner.

Google and Motorola Mobility – Make your own smartphone, alienate smarphone makers

Remember Google had purchased Motorola Mobility back on Monday August 15th 2011 as chronicled in my Geezam blog article entitled “ Google Acquires Motorola Mobility – Weapon of Choice in the IP and Set Top Box Wars”. Back then I thought it was to make Set Top Boxes to boost their Google Streaming Set Top Box business.

That eventually went bust, only to be replaced by the Google Chromecast Streaming Device for which they recently celebrated their 1 year Anniversary on Friday July 24th 2014 as stated in my blog article entitled “Google Play Music’s All Access Music Subscription Three months Free Streaming - Happy Birthday as Google Chromecast fights Amazon fire TV”.

Instead, Google went ahead and made the Moto X and then the Moto G series as chronicled in my blog article entitled US$179 Moto G debut on Wednesday November 11 2013 from Motorola - Google's Quad-Core Budget smartphone is Free Birds for the Lost 500 million sheep”.

Google may find this difficult, after having alienated smartphone manufacturers when they decided to make their own smartphone via Motorola Mobility. Especially now that they’ve sold Motorola Mobility to Chinese-owned Laptop and smartphone maker Lenovo for some US$2.91 billion dollars as stated in “Lenovo To Buy Motorola Mobility From Google For $2.91 Billion”, published January 29, 2014  by Matt Burns, TechCrunch.

Most likely, they really purchased Motorola Mobility due to frustration over fragmentation within Google Android. So they figured if they made a flagship smartphone, they could serve as an example to smartphone makers the level of quality that they expect from them.

However, the smartphone is run by Consumer, Corporate and Enterprise Trends. It’s also powered by your Buying power, as if you don’t have the money to upgrade, you just don’t. This along with 2 year Contract lock-in by Telecom Providers, is the main contributor to Fragmentation, even though Telecom Providers do try to issue Android Updates on a timely manner.

Google and Samsung – Galaxy Alpha Metallic Charms to woo Corporate and Enterprise

Any smartphone manufacturer partnering with Google and HP, will have to benefit handsomely from this partnership. It also has to not involve HP; they’re main purpose in this partnership is to provide the Enterprise Cloud Platform, which has been rock-solid business for them all this time.

I suspect that partner will be Samsung and their recently launched flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha as detailed in my blog article entitled “Samsung Galaxy Alpha with Metallic Band - Last of the 5” smartphones with decreased Battery Life as the Luddite Camp gets Larger”.

Samsung copycat design that’s Apple themed with a metallic band, despite the criticism from some quarters stating that they’ve become chicken as stated in “THE GALAXY ALPHA IS PROOF THAT SAMSUNG IS TERRIFIED OF IPHONE 6”, published August 16, 2014 By Andy Boxall, DigitalTrends indicates that they’re being smart. They realize that many are loyal to Apple and would only like Android if it was packaged in a smartphone that had the same aesthetic appearance, ergonomics and design appeal like the Apple iPhone.

So why not just oblige and make an entire line of smartphones that are Apple-themed but packing the latest, most up-to-date version of Google Android 4.4.1 i.e. Kitkat. Not only will Android Kitkat have the latest security features but if the corporate partner purchases the smartphones to replaces those they have on their CUG (Closed User Group), they’ll all bon on a common Platform all around.

HP and Google have now realized that the Corporate and Enterprise space is free of Blackberry. Now that Apple and IMB have teamed up, they realize that an effective strategy to conquer the more revenue-stable Corporate and Enterprise World is to do the same. But they need a solid manufacture of smartphones to act as their secure Platform that leverages the latest, most secure versions of Google Android.

In seeking to become Alpha Dog in the Corporate and Enterprise Wilderness, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha may be the perfect companion Wolf of Wall Street for Google Now!

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