My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: MagForce’s NanoTherm Cancer Cure – How Iron Oxide in your Energy Drink can Kill Cervical and Prostate Cancer via Magnetic Induction

Monday, August 11, 2014

MagForce’s NanoTherm Cancer Cure – How Iron Oxide in your Energy Drink can Kill Cervical and Prostate Cancer via Magnetic Induction

The power of Magnets never ceases to amaze me. And now they are worth investing in.

Mithril Capital, a VC (Venture Capital) firm owned and funded by Peter Thiel that by specializes in bringing startups from obscurity to IPO has invested some US$15 million in a company named MagForce’s as they bid to establish an American subsidiary in the US of A as stated in “Nanomedicine Company MagForce Takes $15M From Thiel’s Mithril Capital”, published 08-08-2014 by Josh Constine, TechCrunch.

According to Mithril Capital valuation of the company, they're worth some $65 million dollars as their main product called NanoTherm, holds out he strong potential to cure all forms of Cancer. Including Prostate Cancer and Cervical Cancer, something that troubled my girlfriend Audia Granston before she eventually succumbed and did in 2010 as stated in my blog article tribute entitled “Audia Granston, Jack Abaramoff and the Spirit of Creativity and Innovation in Jamaica”.

MagForce was founded in 1997 and is currently being led by CEO Ben Lipps. They're currently on the Frankfurt stock exchange and have a market Capitalization of some US$144 million. This injection of some US$15 million will help with their development of their Iron (II) Oxide (FeO2) cure for cancer to be applied to other types of cancer as well as with the approval process for setting up shop in the US of A.

If they're successful, then with Mithril Capital, they'll allow Americans to join in on the fun by going IPO. This deal will see Mithril Capital getting 23% of the American MagForce subsidiary for their $15 million investment, with the option to buy $15 million more of stock at the same price within the next four (4) years.

NanoTherm and Iron Oxide - Killing Cancer by Induction Cooking with a portable Magnetar

So how exactly does NanoTherm work exactly?

NanoTherm is basically nanoparticles of brown Iron (II) Oxide (FeO2) coated with an organic binding agent that's specific to the type of cancer that the person has. Note here that Iron (I) Oxide (FeO) is deep red in colour and is not commonly seen, as brown Iron (II) Oxide (FeO2) is Rust often seen on items made of Case Iron.

This Iron (II) Oxide (FeO2) nanoparticles are then coated with a protein coat or possibly be similar to the researchers at Washington University School of Medicine placing Melletin, a component of Bee Venom inside a Liposome Cage which holds the Melletin Molecules together as explained in my blog article entitled “Washington University School of Medicine researchers use Liposomes and Melittin to kill HIV - Olympus has Fallen (2013) and given us a Panacea for every disease on planet Earth”.

Currently, MagForce’s NanoTherm Treatment is used mainly being use to treat Glioblastoma brain tumors. This is done by injecting the nanoparticles of Iron (II) Oxide (FeO2) into the region of the body where the cancer is located or via direct injection in food i.e. in a meal similar to the radioactive iodine meal used in Fluoroscopy.

Where it differs in treatment is that the patient’s body is then exposed to a machine called the NanoActivtor similar to an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) as described in my blog article entitled “University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Northwestern University develope Nanometer NMR - MRI's Research Cousin used for imaging Viruses and Bacteria in the Nanometer Twilight Zone”.

The difference from a MRI, however, is that the NanoActivator, instead of being a strong stationary magnetic field used to scan the patient’s brain, it instead exposes the patient brain to a rapidly spinning magnetic field spinning at a rate of about 100,000.

This is around the same rates as the DCRS (Dipole Coil Resonant System) developed by KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in April 2014 to wirelessly Transmit electricity as stated in my blog article entitled “KAIST developes DCRS, a long-range Wireless Charging Technology - IEC Charger Standards now obsolete as KAIST makes an Earth based Magnetar”.

Thus the rapidly changing magnetic field, due to the slow rate of change of the hysteresis of the Iron Oxide, cause a localized heating or Induction Effect that easily explained to any Third Form Years Student in High School doing Physics who knows about Lenz Law. Because the Iron (II) Oxide (FeO2) in the NanoTherm attaches specifically go the Glioblastoma brain tumors, only they are exposed to the heating effects.

Gradually as the magnetic field intensity is increased, this Induction Effect heat literally cauterizes the cancer but leaves healthy cells unharmed. The only danger of course is from excess Iron (II) Oxide (FeO2) in the Brain as after the cancer is killed as the body's T-Cells have to remove the remnant of the Cancer cells as well as the Iron (II) Oxide (FeO2) which remains unchanged by the process.

The rapidly spinning magnetic field also cause some localized heating of the blood, being as blood is made of Hemoglobin molecules, which contain a Iron (Fe2+) ions in the middle of a large protein macromolecule. This is in a similar way a Magnetar would affect a nearby companion Star in a Binary couplet as is the case the Magnetar Westerlund 1-5, located some 16,000 light years away in the Westerlund 1 Star Cluster as described in my blog article entitled “Binary Black Holes and 48th Magnetar Westerlund 1-5 - Magnetic Personality in Space as Black Holes feed on Stars” an example at Magnetism at it most awesome.

MagForce’s Cancer Cure – NanoTherm the next Energy Drink that Kill Cancer via Induction

Potentially a cure for Prostate Cancer may in the future involve you drinking a Fluid Diet version of Lasco as described in my blog article entitled “Tohoku University in Japan Studies Powdered Food Diet in Mice – Great for Active Teenagers and Millennials, not so for Baby Boomers” and then wearing a waistband that exposes that section of your body to an oscillating Magnetic field is therefore not as farfetched as it sounds in the next four (4) years!

Still, results are impressive and hence the faith placed in the company by Mithril Capital. Hoping to see this type of Cancer Treatment migrate from the Developing World Countries like the US of A to Jamaica, as based on its design, it sounds as if the technology is not only effective as chemotherapy but also very portable.

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