My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to make Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes - My Chocolate Summer in Milk River as I'm dreaming of Swallowfield

Friday, August 1, 2014

How to make Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes - My Chocolate Summer in Milk River as I'm dreaming of Swallowfield

Many may have read my article exhorting the benefits of Chocolate over Coffee and Food in general that contain Caffeine as stated in my blog article entitled “FDA to regulate Caffeine after Ohio Resident overdoses and dies - How Chocolate and Cocoa are healthier alternatives as No Caffeine High from Dark Chocolate”.

Based on the level of interest, I’ve decided to give many a sneak peek into what I’m doing out here on the South coast in Milk River Clarendon. Queue the song Happy Birthday by Katy Perry!

Especially as my Birthday that’s coming up on Friday August 1st 2014, may also mark the coming of a removal of the CET (Common External Tariff) on Tablets as predicted in my blog article entitled “Council of Trade and Economic Development allows GOJ to remove CET on smartphones - How CET removal from Phablets is the Perfect Storm for CET-Free Tablets by Emancipation Day”.

As I’d mentioned in my blog article entitled “How to make Glow-In-The Dark Ice Cream from Scratch - US$25.95 Zoku Ice Cream Bowl makes Avatar The Last Airbender Frozen Novelties”, I’ve left the Community of Swallowfield, a community near to the National Stadium and Mountain View in Kingston for the Summer to basically “rough it” with my Parents who live in Milk River, Clarendon.

Hurricane is coming (I’m sure of it!) and home-made Glow-In-The Dark Ice Cream goes well with Homemade Chocolate Syrup as pointed out in my blog article entitled “How to make Chocolate Syrup that Glows-in-the-Dark, the ultimate Ice Cream Party Treat”.

My summer in Milk River – Longing to go back home, but Chocolate keeping me in check

The first few weeks were rough.

First, no regular Water and Internet access meant making the Trip to the community of Duncans near to Scotts Bottom in order to get access to the precious commodity to do research and publish blog articles. Then there’s the prolonged drought, which means that I have to walk with bottles of Water.

I take regular walks to stretch my legs and let my mind eat Grass. I love to wander in Milk River; even back home in Swallowfield, I also do the same thing, as I really can’t stay in enclosed spaces too long, being as I suffer from Claustrophobia, though It’s not as bad as I make it should.

Still my dislike for enclosed spaces is well known; I don’t even like taking Taxis to May Pen, a 14 mile trip from Rest, Milk River where I live. So chocolate has become my comfort food! To that end I’ve come up with an additional recipe I wanna try when I get back to Swallowfield and possibly on my birthday coming up on Friday August 1st 2014.

This recipe is a personal favourite of mine, the Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes. To make them, just get the following ingredients:

1.      1 Lg. Pack of Oreos
2.      J.F. Mills Cake Mix
3.      Peanut Butter
4.      Home-made Glow-in –the-Dark Chocolate Syrup
5.      Butter
6.      Cupcake Baking Pan
7.      Oven
8.      Butter Brush
9.      Hand Blender
10.  Baking Gloves
11.  Apron

The instructions are simple:

1.      Get two (2) Oreos out of the Pack and daub them with Peanut Butter to bottom
2.      Follow the instructions and mix the Cake Mix
3.      Add 2 cups of Home-made Glow-in–the-Dark Chocolate Syrup to the Cake Mix
4.      Blend thoroughly until it homogenous even texture and airy
5.      Use the butter Brush and brush the bottom of the Cupcake Baking Pan with Butter
6.      Place the daubed Oreos into the Cupcake Baking Pan
7.      Pre-Heat the Oven to 250 or whatever temperature the Cake Mix box recommends
8.      Pour the Cake Mix with the Home-made Glow-in–the-Dark Chocolate Syrup all over the daubed Oreos until covered
9.      Place the Cupcake Baking Pan into the Oven
10.  Bake the Cupcakes for as long as whatever temperature and time the Cake Mix box recommends
11.  When done, take out the Cupcake Baking Pan and set to cool
12.  Pop out the now finished Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes

That’s It. With the Hurricane coming by the Fourth Quarter of 2014 if the Earth’s Magnetic Field continues to decrease as I’ve predicted in my blog article entitled “ESA's Swarm Says the Earth's Magnetic Field is Weakening - How Weakening Magnetic Field results in hotter Summer Days and Hurricanes in Christmas 2014”, now’s a good time for me to indulge.

After all, tomorrow is my birthday and I’ve gotta indulge.

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